About Us

Open since 2012, Gabba Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles showcasing work by emerging and established artists from around the world. We believe art is for everyone and strive to make our gallery a welcoming place for all artists and art lovers. We also love bringing art out of the gallery and sharing it with our community through Gabba Alley Project.

Elena Jacobson, Jason Ostro / Art: Essi Zimm, Photo: Jeffrey Sklan

JASON OSTRO, Director / Curator

Jason Ostro’s warm personality, positive attitude, and keen eye have earned him the respect of artists and collectors in Los Angeles and beyond. In a few short years, he has built Gabba Gallery into a fixture on the LA art scene and was named one of the “8 Best Art Curators in Los Angeles” by CBS.

Jason grew up in Detroit where his mother, artist Judy Ostro, taught him to paint and to value creativity. Since then Jason has always worked in creative fields. He worked in music and fashion for many years before turning to art. While selling clothing through his fashion business, Jason began buying and selling street art on the side. He loved it and began fantasizing about opening a gallery. When a close friend showed him the perfect space, Jason closed his clothing business and fantasy became reality. He named the gallery in honor of his late father whose nickname for Jason was “Gabba.”

Jason is passionate about the power of art to build and enhance community. His efforts to beautify the city through Gabba Alley Project earned him a Certificate of Recognition from Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. He looks forward to expanding the Alley Project and continuing to brighten the city with murals.

ELENA JACOBSON, Gallery Manager / Assistant Curator

Elena, the gallery’s organizational sorceress, specializes in managing creative projects. She loves using her analytical talents to support artists and their work. Prior to joining Gabba, Elena honed her arts management skills in Hollywood, where she worked as a movie producer and development executive for eleven years.  She has worked with many talented filmmakers including director Steven Soderbergh, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, and at the production company Working Title Films.  She has also produced for the stage. Elena graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and American Literature and Language. She has a seven year old son and more cats than she cares to admit.

JAQ FROST, Gallery Associate

CYRUS HOWLETT, Gallery Associate

Cyrus Howlett, Jaq Frost, Elena Jacobson, Jason Ostro. Photo: Jeffrey Sklan. Art: Erre, Dj Lu, Lesivo, Toxicoómano Callejero.

Cyrus Howlett, Jaq Frost, Elena Jacobson, Jason Ostro. Photo: Jeffrey Sklan. Art: Erre, Dj Lu, Lesivo, Toxicoómano Callejero.