Amy Smith POWER. vol 1

March 17 - April 7, 2018

This exhibition has closed. To inquire about the availability of these pieces or other work by Amy Smith, please contact us at (323) 604-4186 or

Amy Smith and Creative Director, Sasha Marie Speer come together for POWER. VOL. 1., an exuberant celebration of female empowerment. Inspired by #MeToo and the #TimesUp initiative, POWER. VOL. 1. is a unique, visual manifestation of of the qualities that, when put together, are examples of what makes a woman truly powerful in today's modern world.

Focusing on empowerment, each portrait, hand-crafted by Amy, reflects a way of being that celebrates women while stripping away societal demands.

A portion of the proceeds from POWER. will go to the Alexandria House; a non-profit established in 1996 that offers safe and supportive housing for women and children transitioning out of homelessness. For further info, please visit:

About the Artist
Amy Smith is a self-educated contemporary artist. Born in New Jersey, but not built for the cold, she moved to Los Angeles where she found inspiration, mentors, and support in the Street Art community surrounding L.A.

In her Collage Portrait Series, Amy Smith uses photography, hand cut stencils, and torn recycled fashion magazine pieces to simultaneously represent her love of fashion and her contempt for consumerism.

Her intention with the series is to offer viewers the opportunity to choose one’s own path of empowerment, leaving behind what society demands.

Amy Smith’s work has been featured in a number of private collections, residences, businesses, and in popular tv/film sets including shows like Dear White People, Key and Peele, Casual, and many others.

About the Creative Director
Though 2018 marks her first professional gallery opening, Sasha Marie Speer has spent her life around art, including competing in a variety of contests in her native Seattle as a youth (where she took several awards, including a State and National award in high school).

After taking a large bit of time off from art to become a neuromuscular and musculoskeletal specialist, earning a clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (Eastern Washington University), she has carved out a niche in Los Angeles as an award-winning documentary filmmaker and artist. Her work centers around the threads that connect humans to each other, nature, and themselves.