October 14 - November 2, 2017

This exhibition has closed. To inquire about the availability of this and other work by Collin Salazar, please email us at

Using your eyes doesn’t mean you can see. OUTER is an expression of self awareness and evokes the viewer to zoom out beyond the projections and view themselves from the outer prospective. Creating impactful abstract portraits, the eyes on the wall represent a mirror of self reflection and observation.

About the Artist
Collin Salazar is a recent self-discovered artist based out Los Angeles, California. As a self-taught artist, Salazar’s vision continues to evolve from experimentation with various materials, techniques, and concepts to create powerful portraits and expressions. His work is inspired by the constructs of human consciousness and the powerful tool that lies behind one’s eye.

In 2015, Salazar began producing his first body of work as a full-time artist, reaching thousands of people through social media, local galleries, and other outlets. In 2016, he moved from Colorado to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the most diverse and creative hub possible. He’s showcased at multiple art exhibitions, live painted at major music festivals and most recently begun creating large scale murals. Salazar has only just recently broken into the art scene, driving to expand his work to exhibits, murals and showcases worldwide!