Group exhibition and Trifucta Camp fundraiser

Participating artists:
Nate Geare, Dtoar, Khalid Hussein, Matthew Robinson, Noah Haytin, Daniel George, Rachael Rendon, Noah Emhurt, Chris James, Jaime Becker, Jason Ostro, and more.

Performances by: 
KomboBreaker, Jaime Schwabl, Alana Starr, Riley Warren

The Fundraiser:
Trifucta is an amazing group of Djs, artists, doctors, nurses, dancers, builders, and a myriad of other professionals and lovers of life and all things we do! The Burning Man community is all about giving with no expectation of receiving anything in return. With this spirit in mind, Camp Trifucta is looking to take this Burning Man to the next level. We want to share our love and appreciation for all the amazing art we've experienced in the past by making some BIG art of our own. We are raising funds to complete our BIGGEST art installation ever:

The Trifucta Party Playground will be an experience for all to enjoy!! Come see the scale model of our camp design in person at the Gabba Gallery April 27th and be ready to be amazed. :)

If you have ever wanted to support the arts or contribute to a Burning Man project, now it the time! Show your support and come enjoy an evening of art, music, cocktails, and beautiful people!

Come show your support for BIG art projects.

Enjoy silk screened posters and t-shirts, custom made on site by Henry Niller Garcia!