crate·dig·ger /krāt/ˈdiɡər/ noun.  an endearing term for those of us who still like to thumb through dusty crates of vinyl records in search of those hidden gems

August 12-26, 2017

Cratedigger vol. 2

In the digital age of the music industry, fewer are the days spent at the record store, thumbing through dusty crates filled with vinyl records.  But the memory is not lost on many of us, as it is still undeniably entrancing to flip through visually striking covers that speak to the music they hold within. 

As a record collector, artist, and gallery owner, it was a natural fit for Jason Ostro to curate an art show with this theme in mind.  Gabba Gallery hosted its first Cratedigger show in 2016 with over 80 artists submitting work from all over the world.  The success and enthusiasm from the artists and viewers has resulted in Cratedigger Vol. 2 opening August 12, 2017.

Every piece must be 12x12 inches however, the band can be real or imagined, and the album can be real or imagined. This creative freedom allows for a vast array of submissions, from pieces that closely resemble well-recognized albums covers to completely imagined album artwork for non-existent bands. With over 90 artists submitting one or more album covers, you might get a whiff of nostalgia similar to the experience of digging through crates at a record store, complete with the opportunity to take something home if it speaks to you.

Opening night will be August 12, 2017 from 7-11pm. The event is free and open to the public. No RSVP required. DJ Jonathan Williams spinning. Sponsored by Original New York Seltzer. Free parking at 3000 Beverly Blvd (enter off Reno). Gabba Gallery is located at 3126 Beverly Blvd. The show will be on view through August 26.

Featured artists:
÷–x+, 8333, Alex Achaval, Douglas Alvarez, Balloonski, Allison Bamcat, Bandit, Donna Bates, Cody Bayne, Terri Berman, Binho, Bioworkz, Andrea Bogdan, Timothy Boggs, Jodi Bonassi, Cache, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Giovanni Carretti, Kate Carvellas, Ruben Chavez, M Christy, Diane Cockerill, Brett Crawford, Baha Danesh, Dcypher, Lisa Derrick, Yaron Dotan, Keith Dugas, Dytch66, Carly Ealey, Joey Feldman, Jonas Fisch, Scott Froschauer, Jaq Frost, Teri Gaddie, Mike Habs, Cloe Hakakian, Mary Hanson, Hero, Cyrus Howlett, Khalid Hussein, Elena Jacobson, Warren Jacobson, Trixy Jewels, Paul Juno, Kate Kelton, Leah Knecht, Konecki, Jennifer Korsen, Andee Kuroda, Leba, Stephen Levey, Karin Lindberg Frida, Corban Lundborg, David McKay, Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass, Nicole Waszak Mendez, Mogley, Bobbi Moline-Kramer, Morley, Jules Muck, Max Neutra, nvralone, Daisuke Okamoto, olive47, Jason Ostro, Judy Ostro, John Park, Pastey Whyte, The Perez Bros, Phobik, Valerie Pobjoy, Olga Ponomarenko, Diane Portwood, Patrick Quinn, Christina Ramos, Christine Rasmussen, Lucas Raynaud, Bethany Richards, Benjamin Rogers, Kristine Schomaker, Septerhed, Jeffrey Sklan, Amy Smith, Bisco Smith, Spacegoth, Hannah Streety, Casey Supple, Skye Amber Sweet, TEWSR, Vakseen, Em Wafer, Sebastien Walker, Christine Webb, Jared Yamahata, Meg Zany