March 15 - April 6, 2014

The Gabba Gallery is pleased to present a multidisciplinary group show featuring over 50 artists, from new to established, exhibiting fine art to street art.

“Face It” will exhibit work that represents the six basic, emotional divisions; Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Surprise. With works priced to sell at a $2,500 cap, the show will be constantly re-curated as the art is purchased and placed in the buyer’s hands. This show is a wonderful way to start an art collection or add to an existing one.

Participating artists include: Post-Graffiti Abstract Expressionist, Rene Gagnon, a notorious street artist who has had numerous solo shows around the U.S., CANTSTOPGOODBOY, widely known and with a list of commercial work, he is celebrated for his lion’s head image in pop colors, Andrea Lahue aka Random Act is recognized coast to coast for her monumental botanical murals which can also be seen in galleries in New York and Paris, and Essi Zimm an architect and established contemporary artist whose work is hanging in the collection of Frank Gehry.

Opening night will be fast paced, similar to the last ‘pay and carry’ show curated by the gallery. As patrons bought works; Jason Ostro, Jaime Becker and Emma Palumbo would pull the art off the walls and place it in collectors’ hands to take home. The trio would then dash to the art storage room, find a piece that would thematically and physically fit the empty spot and suddenly the walls in the gallery changed. The constant, influx walls kept guests intrigued as they wondered what new piece would come out next to replace the work that was just purchased.

Alisa Yang
Alison Isenberg
Andrea Lahue
Bleep Bloop
Chris James
Cody Lusby
Daniel Rolnik
Elliott Brown
Essi Zimm
George Rivera
Hannah Streety
Henry Niller
Jaime Becker
Jason Kramer
Jason Ostro
Jennifer Korsen
John Park
Judy Ostro
Karin Lindberg Freda
L. Croskey
Liberated Objects
Mary Hanson
Mike Christy
Miri Chais
Nate Geare
Nick Fadely
Nicole Bruckman
Noah Emhurt
N.S. David
Patrick Haemmerlein
Plastic Jesus
Rene Gagnon
Ryan Macintosh
Sarah Sandin
Shark Toof
Steven Wolkoff
Tatiana Tensen