Jim Donnelly Just Deserts

June 2 - June 23, 2018

This exhibition has closed. To inquire about the availability of these pieces or other work by Jim Donnelly, please contact us at (323) 604-4186 or contact@gabbagallery.com.

Just Deserts

Jim Donnelly is a film photographer—that means he could not “review” the images on site, but had to wait until the film was processed to see exactly what he captured.  Donnelly has a large collection of around 100 film cameras but the majority of Just Deserts were captured with either a Hasselblad xPan, Pentax K-1000, or Cannon AE-1 from the 80’s.

Donnelly enjoys working with modern experimental film, such as the Lomochrome turquoise—a type of film that creates orange skies and turquoise earth tones—or expired film which he then cross-processes (uses the “wrong” chemicals to develop) which creates high contrast and color shifts that add visual interest.  Each type of film, processing technique, and camera is a variable to the way the image will turn out.

The final step is to scan the negatives into a high-resolution film scanner.  Donnelly does not edit the image on a computer, other than the occasional crop job.  “I don’t touch the color or any of the imperfections.  For me, that’s a part of the fun!”  The images are then printed with pigment ink on Canson BFK Rives paper.

Jim is happy to donate profits from Just Deserts to the Mojave Desert Land Trust.

About the Artis
Jim Donnelly was raised in Worcester, MA and is a graduate of Dartmouth College.  Moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Jim Donnelly became fascinated with the vast expanses of the California and Nevada Deserts.  To unwind from his day job as a TV executive at CBS and NBC Universal, he would take solo road trips to the Mojave Desert with some of his vintage 35mm cameras and chronicled what he found.