The Doheny Challenge

May 21 - June 18, 2016

All of the pieces in "The Doheny Challenge" were painted at a two bedroom apartment in West Hollywood, CA.

I used magazines as a major source for material: mostly magazines from the 60's as well as women's fashion magazines. This also allowed me to experiment heavily with image transfers and led to a lot of figurative work.

Most of the work involves a simple, figural line drawing juxtaposed with my preferred method of painting: raw and chaotic. 

Artist's Bio
Noah Emhurt's work is a culmination of his surroundings and life experiences. Everything around him is an influence: music, magazines, billboards, a decayed urban landscape, conversations and even the daily mail.

Before his current location, Los Angeles, he spent time living in New York and Japan. His hunger for cultural "differences" is sometimes evident in his paintings as is the occasional inclusion of the Japanese language.

Often unknowingly, the choices he makes in his work are influenced by juxtaposition, double meanings and instinct. Noah himself is usually blind as to where each piece will take him, and according to him, that's exactly how he prefers it.

Noah Emhurt's work is a culmination of his surroundings and life experiences. Everything around him serves as an influence. Because of this, we can all find something relatable or some story of interest in his work.