January 18 - February 23,

Platforms are not just shoes women wear; it is also a place to voice an opinion. Paint is the most recognized medium in art, but it is also a term that relates to putting on make-up, thus the title, “Platforms & PAINT” came into being.

The Gallery is proud to curate a show in which women artists are the theme. The fact is - women are sadly underrepresented in galleries and museums worldwide. The artwork will showcase artists from various disciplines from sculpture to street art sharing the same space.

Alisa Yang
Allie Pohl
Allison Isenberg
Andrea LaHue
Essi Zimm
Hannah Streety
Ingrid Allen
Isabelle Alford-Lago
Jaime Becker
J.A.W. Cooper
Jennifer Korsen
Joanna DeGeneres
Karin Lindberg Freda
Mary Hanson
Miri Chais
Nicole Bruckman
N.S. David
Jewelry by: Ideal Woman and Trixy Starr Jewelry
Sponsored by: Societe Perrier, Hubert's, Ips All Natural Chips