"Seth's Brew" Regular - Edition of 50

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"Seth's Brew" Regular - Edition of 50


Thank you for purchasing one of these amazing collaborative prints. This project was made out of love for one of our own.

All profit proceeds will go to help Seth Stewart and his family!

”Seth’s Brew”
regular edition of 50
18 x 24 inches
shipped may take 3-5 weeks
$50.00 plus shipping

Artist key from left to right and by row:

Mike Mitchell, Jackson Dryden, Bioworkz, Byous, Joey Feldman

Matt Taylor, Jim Mazza, NC Winters, Rob Jones, Matt Taylor

Jay Shaw, Jason Edmiston, Marq Spusta, Jason Edmiston, Nick Difabbio

Todd Slater, JT Lucchesi, Ken Garduno, Justin Hampton, Todd Slater

Rory Kurtz, Justin Santora, Cesar Moreno, Jermaine Rogers, anyone.

Limit of one print per person, if more are ordered your order will be cancelled.

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