A Fish Tale

May 21 - June 18

A Fish Tale is a thought-provoking body of work that tells the extraordinary story of a man and his friendship with a fish. It’s about losing friends and making new ones. Based on the writings of filmmaker Mark Strong who was inspired by Stormie’s work “I miss my friend, I want him back”, A Fish Tale is a dream, eight years in the making, to create a short animation film that celebrates the human condition.

Gabba Gallery is proud to present part of the A Fish Tale storyboard in what is to be the first-ever USA solo exhibition by Australian contemporary artist, Stormie Mills.

Artist's Bio
Stormie Mills is an Australian artist who first gave voice to the lost souls of the cityscape back in 1984. In the three decades since, he has created an evocative collection of characters inspired by and deeply connected to the street.

His works draws on a deep sense of isolation and yet each character seems to carry a message of hope. These opposing elements in Stormie’s practice imbue his characters with a palpable presence and humanity. And when art captures the tenderness of the human condition, people connect with it.