Tetralogy Procedures

Tetralogy Event Cover.jpg

Welcome to Gabba Gallery “Tetralogy”

In an effort to make this monumental event fun and fair for everyone, in addition to following safety guidelines we have decided on a unique method to maximize everyone’s show experience.  

In order to do so, there will be two scheduled event times for Gabba’s Tetralogy extravaganza on October 13th:

Print Sales and Signing Event: 1-4pm Gabba Salon (adjacent to main gallery)
Exhibition Opening & Reception: 7-11pm Gabba Main Gallery

Three artists (Pollock, Masthay, and Feldman) will be at both the opening and print signing. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jermaine Rogers will be unable to attend either event.

The City of Los Angeles highly frowns on overnight camping due to safety issues. So, we at Gabba have decided that on Saturday Oct 13th, starting at 6AM attendees may begin forming a line. Please be kind to each other as some folks may arrive at the same time. At 10:00AM-ish numbered bracelets will be handed out and these will be used to determine the order of entrance and purchase order once inside. Once you have received your wristband, you are free to leave and return but please return no later than noon to ensure the line order is maintained. If you arrive after the Gallery opens and your number has passed, you will be required to go to the end of the line. Gabba will then allow 10-15 people in at a time, starting at 1:00PM (maybe a tad earlier if the line is substantial and the artists are ready) and will be allowed to purchase in the order of their wristband numbers.   (You must be present to receive a wristband, your number is non-transferable. The Gallery will be keeping a verified list of what attendee has which bracelet number verified by photo ID only).

The first of the scheduled events is a special new print only sale from 1-4 pm. Event attendees are free to purchase one or all of the new prints while supplies last. There will be a one print version per person limit until all patrons have had a chance at new items.  At the time of purchase, some or all of the artists will be on hand to do small doodles or defacing. Due to the volume expected at this event there will be a time limit on how much time the artists can spend on each print/patron. Please be grateful and appreciative of their time and efforts to bring you something truly unique during this time. Please note: only New Prints debuting at this show will be available at this time. You will have the opportunity to purchase a second print during the later event if any of them are available. Attendees will not be able to view the main exhibition during the print signing event.

The second evening event from 7-11pm is where you will have a chance to view and purchase Original Artwork, Defaced and doodled work, figures, mixed media items, and special archived items from each artist available in the Print Room. The same wristband numbers handed out in the morning will also apply for the evening opening. After this initial sale event concludes, feel free to get back in line or arrive back at Gabba by 6pm as the same procedure will be in place for the evening. There are no limits on Original Artwork purchases, however; archived work, figures, defaced/doodled items will have limits and will be announced closer to opening night.

If attendees and artists are feeling the vibe and the scheduled closing time approaches, the Gallery may extend the evening event. We hope to have a fun filled night with collectors and artists and look forward to seeing you all!

We will be broadcasting a live preview via IG or Facebook before the show opens. Look for an announcement and feed on opening night.

Most or all of the Artists will be in attendance for both events and are looking forward to a great night! No RSVP Necessary. Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

Please contact Gabba Gallery for further inquiries at: contact@gabbagallery.com