November 14 – December 20, 2015

The Gabba Gallery presents Wishlist 3.0, the ever-evolving, cash-and-carry exhibition of contemporary artwork at exceptionally affordable prices. Featuring more than 60 artists and a price cap of $1000, the third annual edition of Wishlist once again promises a dynamic visual voyage as sold works are removed and replaced by new pieces. “The gallery was re-curated about nine times within just a few hours during the opening,” wrote Deborah Vankin of Wishlist 1 in the LA Times.

Artist Line Up

Alex Schaefer, Amy Smith, Andrea Bogdan, Andrea LaHue, Binho, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Carly Ealey, Clinton Bopp, Clinton Neuhaus, Cody Bayne, Chris Stoussand, Crisp, Daisuke Okamoto, Dcypher, Djlu, Elizabeth Hoel-Chang, Essi Zimm, Frank Forte, Harrington Skorupka, HERO, Jaime Becker, James Johnson, Jason Ostro, Jennifer Celio, Jennifer Korsen, Jennifer Verge, Jodi Bonassi, Joey Feldman, Joey Rotten, Joseph Meloy, JSpot Jr., Juri Koll, Kate Kelton, Keith Dugas, Ken Dougherty, Kristi Bockrath, Lazlo Thomas, Leba, LOUDLABS, Mark Waldman, Mary Hanson, Matthew Steidley, Max Neutra, Michael Christy, Mike Bell, Moncho1929, Morley, My Dog Sighs, Nathan Anderson, Nick Bonamy, Nicole Bruckman, NVRALONE. Pastey Whyte, Patrick Haemmerlein, Peter Goode, Peter Greco, Phil Santos, Phobik, Raphael Grischa, Rene Gagnon, Septerhed, Ten Hundred, Tony Venegas, Toshee, Vakseen, Valerie Pobjoy, Wendell Wiggins, WRDSMTH