“CHECKING IT TWICE - WISH LIST x2” group art show with over 60 artists with walls that are constantly changing as pieces sell.

Read our LA Times article here: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-cm-affordable-art-los-angeles-20131118,0,1559892.story#axzz2l769ikfq

The Gabba Gallery is known for showing works from established and emerging artists, from fine art to street art all hanging side by side creating a new dialogue.

All artwork is $1,000 or less with the goal for people to purchase art for themselves and as gifts for others. Works are priced to buy. Start your art collection or add to someone else’s and feel great about it.

Adam Roth, Alisa Yang, Allie Pohl, Allison Isenberg, Andrea Lahue aka Random Act, Andrew Myers, Bleep Bloop, Chris James, Clinton Bopp, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Doug Alvarez, Dan Gordon, Daniel Rolnik, Dirt Cobain, Garth, George Rivera, Gilberto Ulloa, Guerilla One, Hannah Streety, Harley Cortez, Haunted Euth, Henry Niller, Isabelle Gorilla, Jaime Becker, Jason Ostro, Judy Ostro, Jennifer Korsen, John Park/Julie Hunter, Joshua Petker, Kevin Mills, Khalid Hussein, L. Croskey, Lela Edgar, Leba, Liberated Objects, Mark Hanauer, Mary Hanson, Math, Mike Christy, Mimi Yoon, Miri Chais, MD MN, Nate Geare, Nick Fadely, N.S. David, Patrick Haemmerlein, Paul Guillemette, Phil Santos, Phobik, Quam, Rachael Rendon, Ruel Pasqual, Septerhed, Shark Toof, Smear, Steven Wolkoff, Tatiana Tensen Terri Berman, Tim Boggs, Toshee, Thrashbird, 2wenty, Will Deutsch, XVALA, Zach Aronson.