August 24 - September 28, 2013

A Group Mixed Media Art Show That Demands - No Canvas Allowed At The New Contemporary Art Gallery - The Gabba Gallery

Curators Jason Ostro and Jaime Becker challenged the artists to think beyond the canvas. Becker told the artists: “Don’t be safe, but still make sure you are true to your voice.” From 3-D screw portraits made by Andrew Myers, a painted mirror by Random Act, to reclaimed children’s stool pieces from Clinton Bopp, to graffiti suitcases by Garth, to repurposed plastic containers made into cartoon-esque bombs from Steve Olson; attendees will be able to enjoy a multitude of creative works from both emerging to very established Californian Artists.

Jason Ostro states, “We are a gallery that refuses to define itself. We choose what we love and what we are passionate about. We place contemporary artists alongside street artists which creates a new visual and thought provoking discussion for our clientele.”

“Visitors feel like they are on the cusp of a new cultural art renaissance. There is a palpable energy here,” says artist, Andrea LaHue aka Random Act who shows at the gallery.

Featuring: cantstopgoodboy, Andrew Myers, Random Act, Steve Olson, Jennifer Korsen, Noah Emhurt, Jason Ostro, Christopher James, Septerhed, Liberated Objects, Nate Geare, Michael Christy, Clinton Bopp, Jaime Becker, Garth, L. Croskey, Jamie Kim, Nick Fadely, Zachary Aronson, Patrick Haemmerlein, Judy Ostro, George Rivera, Henry Niller, Toshee and Math.

Sponsored by: Societe Perrier, Ranchito Supermarket, Hubert’s Lemonade and Ips All Natural Chips.
Music By: Sharper Image